Rise and survive

Things our mind fights against, which lead to depressed state of mind, things which pull us down let’s talk about them.

This is all deep rooted originated from long years’ of different life experiences, thought processes, number of situations influenced by self and people around. All get consolidated over years which cannot be reversible or even mendable. It works in vicious cycle. It sips through gradually and presents as an acute exacerbation in moment of any internal and external disturbances – physiological, psychological or emotional. It requires years of counseling planned systematically by a person who has been closely observing the person who is in need. It is now not possible as years have passed by. So only solution remains in hand to save self or our loved ones is –


Various ways can be tried as follows

1. One minute/day at a time – finish living one minute successfully and enter next

2. Just to be able to wake up next day and see the sun rising (not for late riser)

3. Look in mirror and smile even it is followed by a bout of tears

4. Pay attention to clothing, regular bowel habits, grooming (just good moisturizing, face cleansing, clean and well fitted clothes, combed hair, chopped nails, clean brushed teeth, nice pair of comfy shoes). It is more than enough to go through the day.

5. Eating good, just good food.

6. Take all multivitamins, probiotic, antioxidant, dry fruits compulsory every day. It takes care of micronutrition.

7. Eat bright colored fruit

8. Once food is taken care of, spend some time near plants, any comedy series, cup of tea/ coffee with biscuits, pet, looking at birds, feeding birds, gardening, cleaning house corners whichever is possible at that time

9. Doing deep breathing or try some yoga simple hand, arm, leg movements nothing much, simple 15 min walk.

10. Simple 4 liner shloka. No chanting for long time required. God helps those who can help themselves.

11. Talk to daughter/son/husband/sibling whenever required even if they are not interested to share the concern/ grief.

12. Write list of chores/ thoughts on paper to simplify things

All this circus is not to slip through hole again. So what we are not able to live like others!! We all are different people with different chemical composition of brain. We have our own mind we need to learn ways to tackle it and take care of it. And we can do it with support.

Above said ways are very simple. All know it, have been doing it. But they need to be told to and followed up for people who fail to manage/who succumb to deep rooted chemical imbalance in brain. They are all very basic ways to stay at base level.

These things in the list above, can be applied as per the situation because level of condition varies with every person. Period of application also varies. Some need just one push, some need regular follow up or some may need constant monitoring.  First aim is to break the cycle and to escape the weak moment. Then all these ways can be further improvised.

It excludes all medical conditions whose treatment plan need to be incorporated once person succeeds to reach base level unless it is medical emergency.

You can download the page, share it. It might help someone who is in need.


First few steps to fight depression

Are you depressed?

Give us a chance to talk to you..

No more quotes, no more long advices.

You are having a problem , yes we respect that. Your problem is unique. We will not judge you.

It is your problem that is eating you. No outer world can see that. They can laugh it off but we understand that perhaps it is the biggest hurdle in your life. No other day you can imagine to live with it. We hope to provide you simple sentences and one easy thing to do. It’s your pick which is most suitable to you.

If it doesn’t we know the problem is bigger to overcome. We can still come up with a solution or reach solution step by step.

We know it is the darkest hour of your life

Please be calm

Just sit down.

We know no tears , no power in this world can fill up your broken heart or your mind.

Here are some simple things which can help you to go through a day.


A cup of coffee : come on it’s just a cup of coffee. It wouldn’t harm to sip it through.


  Hugsy : any teddy bear will do. Check out new minion Bob’s teddy bear which he is carrying through all good and bads.


 An episode of FRIENDS : A sitcom that takes you in their world, make you laugh. They will walk with you literally throughout ten seasons.


  Snow globe : Wonder what this mysterious globe has it inside ? A snow covered countryside, miniature cottages, fairy lands, a simple cute doll and what not !


 Handmade simple pendant which you will swear by. Any beautiful charm that you adore.


Collectibles : A die cast toy car, a serene deer figurine : They are not just collectibles, they will stand by you. Visit terminator like war movie set. What you find in a rubble …yes that is one mute dear collectible remained intact.. that person holds near chest.



 Book of fairy tale : With what you have spent your childhood nights, those illustrated colourful pages of your favourite fairy tale ..Though you are not a child anymore those pages are going to be with you happily ever after.


Pingu : This stop motion comedy doesn’t only amuse with the penguin language. They live in igloos at south pole. The simplicity of interior is awesome. Pink and pastels will win your heart. Give an episode on you tube a chance.

These are just somethings that may help you to go through this day. These are our picks based on our experience . you can pick anything from anywhere.

We adore your problem and your approach towards it. It is today. Please keep going through today.You can cry all night but next day will rise . New sun, new light. It may erase yesterday. If not, we are still here , tirelessly. You can hang with us.

Thank you for allowing us to be with you.

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